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Lipscomb Tree Care Service – Tree Care Guide, has been operating in the Queen City for over 10 years.  Charlotte, NC has some of the most beautiful tree canopies in the country.   Everywhere you turn you can see the beauty a tree adds to the landscape.  If you have trees, you want to maintain their health and beauty.  Carolina Christian Tree Service can help you do that.   We are dedicated to you the customer to preserve the health and appearance of your trees for both commercial and residential clients.  We provide expert, reliable and affordable tree care in the Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, and surrounding areas.

Our Tree Service

Our certified tree care professionals carefully evaluate each job and work with you to achieve the vision for your home or property.   If you have a sick or dead tree we will not cut it down if the tree can be saved.  If you are looking for a tree service with excellence and affordability, Carolina Christian Tree Service is here to serve you, because your trees are our business!  “A “hazardous tree” is a tree with structural defects likely to cause the failure of all or part of the tree, which could strike a “target.”

A target can be a vehicle, building, or a place where people gather such as a park bench, picnic table, street, or backyard.” (More Info)  We can help with any trees that give you concerns.  Winter can be a challenging time as snow and ice can weight down trees branches causing them to crack or break.  Removing weak branches in the Fall can lessen the possibility of damage to your home or property.  If you have trees that hang over your home, pool, sheds, we can help you.  That is a hazard to your family and property.

Our Tree Service Includes:

  • Storm damage
  • Tree removal
  • Shrubs/bushes
  • Hazardous trees
  • Tree preservation
  • Tree trimming and pruning

For a free estimate give us a call at 646-789-1778.

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