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The Tree Care Guide is designed to give property owners an inside look at how to manage and maintain their trees and gardens to get the best benefits of your investment.  You can be a tree care professional, without ever having to climb a tree!

You don’t have to be an arborist however, it is a good idea to know how and why tree removal companies do what they do. Most importantly it helps to have an understanding of why they charge what they do for services; to assure you are not being taken advantage of.

As the wife of a tree care professional, I have been on the front line of the business, working in advertising, scheduling and as a ropeman and ground crew.  As a woman and consumer, I also understand how important it is to get the best deal for your hard-earned dollars.

Highlights on the Tree Care Guide

You are the Boss

A tree care professional can be your best friend or your worst enemy!  I am not trying to frighten you, but just want to encourage you to be proactive in deciding who working on your trees and garden.

No homeowner should be taken advantage of, or intimidated into hiring someone they don’t like.  You are the boss and if you don’t like what they are saying, or how they are treating you, don’t hire them.

I have often seen homeowners who needed work but did not know which way to proceed.  A good tree trimming company is knowledgeable and will take time to explain to you what they are going to do, and why.

They should also make sure you understand everything from when they are going to start, how long the job will take and how they will dispose of wood and brush.  A good company will also leave your property clean and undamaged. (accidents do happen so always check for insurance.)

Can we Talk?  Tree Care Costs

Depending on the tree removal service, you may be able to work with the cost of the job. That’s right, it’s OK to ask for a break.  Just like buying a car, you don’t have to pay full sticker price.  Many companies will be glad to cut a few dollars off the job, to keep your business.  So, don’t be afraid to haggle!  Remember, you get what you pay for, so don’t expect the job to be free.  Mutual respect will get you the best job and the best deal.


We hope is you find many tree care and gardening tips at, and we can help make your pocket fatter and your property more beautiful.  Feel free to ask a question, or leave a comment.

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