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Tree Trimming Tips – When you Need to Trim your Trees

When to Trim or Prune a Tree – Tree trimming is the key to a beautiful property, is the maintenance of its trees. During the year wind storms, ice and snow can take a toll on trees. Yearly you should take a survey of your trees, to determine how many broken, dead or damaged branch need attention. Trimming makes a… Read More »

Tree Care Guide

The Tree Care Guide is designed to give property owners an inside look at how to manage and maintain their trees and gardens to get the best benefits of your investment.  You can be a tree care professional, without ever having to climb a tree! You don’t have to be an arborist however, it is a good idea to… Read More »

Stop Tree Worms – How to Band a Tree

Every year tree worms, inch worms, and other danglers, infest our trees.  Tree banding is an age old method of stopping tree worms from getting into trees.  In recent years, there has been an increase in falling canker worms (or inch worms).  You can hire a tree company to get rid of them, but if you feel like… Read More »

Tree Stump Removal – Do-it-yourself Tips

Tree stump removal is the last part of removing a tree.  Many people don’t take the time or money to remove them.  Stumps are unattractive and can mar the appearance of your property.  If you have ever considered having them removed, I caution you it can be a challenge to do it yourself. Using a stump grinder is not as… Read More »